Thursday 13 December 2018

I sculpt portals and web pages, sites updated according to the current standards of accessibility and compatible with the responsive web design (RWD) standard for all screen resolutions: tablets, smartphones, cell phones, web TV. I have two ways of working: using wood cut and seasoned (pre made structures sculpted at your choice) or from seed (grow the tree before it to cut and process) totally programmed from the base and developed according to the design and the customer's instructions.

The production line of the pre made websites bases includes the graphic adaptation of the theme to the customer needs. This does not mean, as some incompetent chatter, these sites are all *the same*! Simply using a piece of wood already cut and seasoned properly to carve it according to your ideas. These sites are equally unique and customizable; ... especially enable faster turnaround times and production costs much lower.

The tailored websites includes the creation of the graphic design which will be further developed by the web structure. Will be available to my graphic designer Karin and my programmer, who will work so dedicated to the needs and expectations of the customer. In this case it comes to planting a tree from seed, make it grow and mature and then proceed to carve. You must have time and money for this type of creation that is therefore more suitable for large web projects, which provide long times of activity and the total exclusivity of the project.